Review: Tego Arcana Dei ~ Keeping God’s Secret by A.Man

I found this book really intriguing – the storyline is gripping. I enjoyed the fact that the book was set in lots of different locations and felt as though I was literally travelling to those locations alongside James.  I found it real food for thought as some of the aspects and points made in the book are very relevent and some just get your mind thinking! I am unsure if parts of the book are actually based on real life facts but it has made me want to find out!

If I’m honest there was too much sex in the book!! I understand that it was also part of James’s journey but felt at times it was taking away from the main storylines of the book, It is a fast paced book and I liked the way it explored different times and flicked between these times. I don’t know if A.Man has written any more books but I would definately like to read more from him.

To purchase a copy please visit:

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Sneak Peek: Alan Cass’s Latest Novel!!!

Alan has kindly given me a sneak peek at  his latest novel – I thought that his first novel was utterly brilliant – this however is going to be something else!!

I have only been given the first four chapters and I can already see that this book is going to be PHENOMENAL!

I have no idea (much to Alan’s annoyance!!) where this book is going or what to expect in the end – all I can say is if you havent already met Brandon Rose then you’re going to want to – ready for this book

Check out my Review of Alan’s first novel here:

You can also find links to his website from here too

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Review: Dead Game by Claire Kinton

I didn’t think it was possible to love a book this much!! Well worth every penny

Ok, so when I opened this book to start reading it I had no idea what it was about, I’d seen Claire tweeting about it and told her I’d buy a copy which I did, when it arrived I didnt even read the blurb, so two nights ago I settled down to make a start reading it – after the Author’s Note I found myself intrigued, The first chapter got straight into the story – it started off how I’d imagined it would however by the end of the chapter I was as confused as Archie!!

The novel then continues flowing perfectly between current day and Archie’s past, I found I needed to read more and more as I wanted to know what had happened and what was happening, I found the characters were very easy to like and found myself easily immersed inbetween them, it was as if I was actually there alongside them all. I could barely put the book down, the time seemed to just fly when I was reading it, it was like I was lost in with them.

The book is the perfect mix of things that we can relate to and this mythical world where nothing is quite as it seems – the only way I can think of to describe it at the moment is – an adults fairytale. However upon saying that –  in most ‘fairytales’ the story and characters aren’t very believeable – however I found all aspects of this story believeable and not only that but it really did intrigue me as I was reading it I found myself wondering what else there was out there and in fact I still am even after I’ve finished it.

Dead Game is beautifully written and is a unique story it is a very positive book, and draws on the positives even when the situation or topic isn’t, alot of that comes from the author herself though I think, It really is a fantastic read and I’m very excited as I don’t have long to wait until the sequel is out as ‘Waiting Game’ is coming this year – I already have an inkling what it’s about – I’ll have to wait and see whether I’m right or not!!

Dead Game is a MUST read for everyone – even if Fantasy isn’t normally your preferred genre I would definately give this book a try – it reaches out to your soul and pulls at your heartstrings and reassures you that Hope is always with you

One more point to note – Claire supports SSAFA Forces Help and Help For Heroes and a donation from every book sold goes to both Charities

To find out more about Claire and her wonderful writing – and to purchase the book please visit

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Reading List: Feburary 2011

As many of you will be aware, I have been AWOL recently! I do apologise but unfortunately life and work got in the way. So I thought I would let you all know that I’m still here and back to normal so I will let you know my reading list and order that I’m reading in – I don’t think that I have forgotten anyone but if I have then please give me a shout!!!

Dead Game – Claire Kinton

Tego Arcana Dei – A Man

A,B&E – Marc Nash

Cut Short & Road Closed – Leigh Russell

These should keep me busy for this month. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . I need to work out what I’m going to read in March – I’m open to suggestions 😉

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Review: The Trespass by Scott Hunter

This book is absolutly fantastic – I couldn’t put it down – I needed to know how it ended!

Scott Hunter has put the perfect mix into this book, the storyline moves quickly but all the detail that you need to know is in there too, it is well written and flows easily. I found myself not only intrigued and engrossed in the main storyline but also in the ‘Korumak Tanri’ and the world they live in and their surroundings.

You don’t have to worry about having to read a couple of chapters before you can get into the book as this book starts straightaway from the first chapter – having you hooked from there!

I am definately on the look out for more Scott Hunter books!

To buy your copy of this book please visit:

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Busy Times Ahead

I thought I’d better write a little post just to say that the next 3 weeks will be absolute chaos for me at work so the updates from me will be few and far between.

Any one who is waiting to see a review on here or interview questions being emailed to them, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten any of you, they will all be done, just as soon as the chaos is over!!



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Review: The Dollification of Mrs Martz by Tom Raimbault

‘On brisk, autumn morning; Kimberly Martz was abducted in a forest preserve near her home. She was brought to place to be transformed into a life-sized doll, then owned and objectified. Sometimes men like to play naughty games with a doll. In these moments, a doll cannot say, “No!” She must remain silent and play along’

This ebook is a short story, it’s well written and not too short!! Even though it’s a short story it has everything a story should have – a beginning, a (sexy) middle, and an ending (which made me smile!) Well worth a read.

As you may have guessed from the short description above it’s an erotica short story so if you want to check it out you have to be over 18!!

Check it out here:

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